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Review of Punjab

Howabout that onlypunjab.com? Low class plageristic thieves get to steal your work and publish it there! Like at http://www.content.onlypunjab.com/Article/Deep-Waters-4-6-2004/24488 where some chic named Rosa Dawson takes credit for my poem Deep Waters. Then there is tons of hit at Google now, where Punjab, published my article "Trends In Tax Ware," and again someone else took the credit. They stole my articles from ezinearticles.com. So a big "BOOOOO," and "HISSSSSS," for Punjab and the thieves who are getting away with submitting plagerized works to them. Stealing is stealing. One good reason to run your own name at google.com and dogpile.com at least once a week. This is not the first time I have caught people plagerizing my work. You have to be viligent about protecting your work and your rights. Sites like Punjab.com obviously don't care.

Review of Alexa.com

Anyone else heard of http://alexa.com?

Well, neither had I until yesterday. But, I am trying to build a business realtionship with another business, and I was informed that the value of my site, bascially depends on my rating with http://alexa.com. What a drag.... Read the letter I just sent them via their site form, because I could not find a valid email address for them....

Sent to http://alexa.com Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:48:11 AM - I will keep you advised of the response and results....

I have issues, depending on your rating of my site, and while, you show three other sites that refer to me, when I search my site, http://www.1kindthing.com, your results, which you state are powered by google.com, states 0 returns. When I go to google.com and search my site, 1kindthing.com, I get 3 to 4 pages of hits for my site. Why the discrepency? I also had to update outdated info on your site yesterday as to ownership, etc, and now no longer see any of that info. I get about 120 unique hits a day this month so far, and it has only been up since February, 2006. I will be placing these concerns on my site, as a review of your web site and it's services, as it seems many other depend on your for your information, lacking as it seems. Can you please explain how google.com gives me dozens of hits and you give me zero?
Janice D. Coss

PS-More Concerns About Alexa.com - I was curious about them so went looking and this is what I found....
What imilly.com says about Alexa.com
AlexaSurf.com refers to some of Alex.com's software as spyware and gives advice on removal. I can understand that. They need to have spyware to do everything they do. But as all of that is way over my head, it's why I do not download a lot of stuff on my hard drive."
And still more about removing the "spyware."

MakeYouGoHmm.com Agrees, stats provided by Alexa, are not the be all, other businesses are making them out to be. And this link reveals how downloading the Alexa software gives you unfair advantage in stats by letting you hit your own site over and over, and not adjusting for all the hits coming from the same IP. Almost enough to make me want to cheat!

Confused? Probably not near as much as the guy who tried to sell his website based on the fact that he thought Alexa was saying he got 2 million hits a month!. Wrong.

In A nut shell

McAfee puts some scary things down in writing about Alexa.com for us. It also gives us the term "adware." You might need permission to remove it from what I understand...

And I want to always be fair, they do a lot of good work, you can see their history at on wikipeida.org. But my concern is when there is anything so big out there, that it can crush, or cripple the independent business like the one I am trying to grow in publishing. I use all the freebie resources I can right now, until I can bring some money in and step up. I live in the trickle up theory realm. I can't spend what I need to live on, on my website. So, a little fish like me, that actually gets her fair share at google, gets a -0- from Alexa. It concerns me. I wish them well, on what they do well. But with all their efforts, and enterprises, could they invest a little more in anti-crush campaign and do something special for the little people out here? I love their Wayback machine, and if you haven't seen it or used it, it is largely responsible for me recovering a lot of my material, which I thought was forever lost to me... But, I would rather move forward than live in the past. Alexa, I feel like we got a Davie and Goliath thing going on here. Have a heart. One to match the size of your enterprises. Give me my stats, please. I am worth way more than a -0- !

Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:00:34 PM

Well, I told Alexa.com that I was posting this review on my site, and I had submitted corrections of my information to them which did not show up on their site. And I pointed them to this review. Voila, they now have several links from my site on their engine, they corrected my personal profile. But they still do not give me any credit about how many hits a brand new site like mine is getting! It's well over 4,000 now it's first two months. Well, the mouse roared, the lion heard and the experience continues. The moral is, if you are not happy with something, put people on notice and take action!

Brought to you by Janice Deborah Coss, AKA Debe Coss

Email Address: 1kindthing@emailaccount.com