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"Just when the catepillar
thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly."

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1 Kind Thing is proud to now bring you the news on a daily basis! Make this your home page and get caught up on what's happening in the world today. We are providing you with a few sources for the news, so that you can read from the one of your choice!

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"There was a child went forth every day, and the first object he looked upon and recieved with wonder or pity or love or dread, that object he became... And that object became part of him for the day... or for many years or stretching cycles of years." Walt Whitman

When Life Gives You Lemons.... A site based on the word "failure." Love "This Day In Failure" Link - Check it out!
Failure Magazine

Nationally recognized, writers cover failure - and its close relative, success - with bold perspectives; insightful, informative and entertaining. Arts, entertainment, business, history, sports, science, technology. Their cartoonist fell into his profession, but is such a natural! Who would'a thought, Success, based on the word failure....

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