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Memorial to

Victims of La Conchita Mudslide
January 10, 2005

La Conchita, is a small community on a piece of land between the hills south of Santa Barbara, North of Ventura, on the Pacific Coast Highway, and in viewing distance of the Pacific Ocean. On January 10, 2005, a massive mudslide hit the small community. You can see bumper stickers on locals cars, that simply state the name La Conchita, and the date. Everyone has a story, of where they were and what they were doing on that day. It affected an uncountable total of humanity, across the world. The reports you see here, will have some conflicing facts and figures, simply because these are all from different sources and at different spots on the timeline of reports.

I can not add any words, or change anything which has been said or done, with regard to the Victims of the La Conchita Mudslide, which occured on January 10, 2005. People who were involved or close to the people there, have made their prescence on the internet apparent. I am placing links here, which tell the story of what happened that day. I will say, that this should not be a forgotten event, and the problem is not over yet. As with any other request for financial assistance, please do your homework, before contributing. 1 Kind Thing is not a party to asking for financial assistance and has no personal knowledge of any of the funds, current or otherwise, related to the th Victims and/or their families.

Many of the links given have more than one story, and you can use their search to find more articles or details.

January 10, 2005 This is an amazing site, that starting posting right before the actual big slide...

CNN Transcripts

A pictorial presentation with this explaination:
"Scattered rain showers lash waterlogged Southern California, hampering efforts to find survivors buried by a mud slide in a coastal community and prompting hundreds to flee a mountain town below a rain-swollen reservoir and along rising streams."

Jimmy Wallet, "Jimmie Wallet went out for ice cream, and when he got back, everyone and everything he had left behind were gone."
New York Daily News

North Shore Animal League America presents The Lewyt Award to Lucy, a very special dog who saved her guardians from a lethal mud slide in La Conchita, Ventura County

Details of the Search

An arial view of the slide January 13, 2005.

La Conchita and more dteails of that winter storm.

Close up of the Search

Another survivor story, same storm, different day, about La Conchita, and very moving.

Cars 4 Causes was there to help the surviors.

Every human disaster demonstrates the strength, decency, love and hope of the survivors. La Conchita was a worldwide event, with it's focal point, at the base of the foothills which let loose the massive, and fatal mudslide on January 10, 2005. It only becomes personal, if you were there, or suffered a personal loss because of it, or when you ask yourself, "What can I do to help?" Peace. J. Deborah Coss

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