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Memorial to

Irene Mary Johnson

Originally Posted On "RRVM.Com, Roman Rockin Viritual Memorials," which deserves it's own memorial!

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers-for thereby, some have entertained angels unawares. Heb. 13:2

My grandmother, Irene Mary Johnson, was born Irene Von Bank in Fort Dodge Iowa, on September 15, 1923. After being diagnosed with cancer in November, she succumbed on May 17, 1988. Her nickname was Renee. She was married four times in her life to Richard Peade, Virgil Johnson, Keith Johnson and Nick Carter. She and her husband, Keith moved from Iowa to Las Vegas, Nevada. They opened a bar called the Bank Club in 1953. In the early 70's the bar was changed over to a Miller's Outpost.

My Grandmother adopted my mother, Jacque Mae Steinber at birth. She had two brothers, Paul ABud, first passed away approximately 1960, and Gene Luks who passed away November 14, 1997. My Grandmothers had twin sisters Jo Ann and Jody A Tiny" & "Tubs who are survivors, living in Iowa. My Grandma loved to wear jewelry and makeup (blue eyeshadow and fire engine red lipstick). She also loved to wear clothes. She was very kind to animals, always rescuing them or feeding them. She was very generous. She loved to letters and buy presents. My grandma and I were always writing letters to each other. She loved to travel. My grandma Irene always had games, crayons, paper, toys, candy and soda whenever my brother and I would come to visit. My grandma was also a very good cook. She was Catholic. She raised my mother in the same faith. When I saw her in her casket, I put a rosary in her hands. She is missed immensely.

Written and submitted by Irene Johnson, Ventura, California.

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