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1 Kind Thing Memorials

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Originally Posted On "RRVM.Com, Roman Rockin Viritual Memorials," which deserves it's own memorial!

Memorial to

Cristy Gastelum

Sometimes things happen in this world that we will never understand. And we are left to wonder why about many things. I wonder why such little angels, such as Cristy Gastelum, born January 1, 1987 and litterally snatched by death, from her mother's own hands on May 7, 1991, are given to us for such a short time on this earth? But there are no earthly answers that could ever explain it well enough for us.

We are certainly better for having known the smart, bright, small angel God gave us for for such a short while. And we hope that as she looks down on us from heaven as she tells her Heavenly Father kind memories of us.

We also hope that you found comfort in being buried in Recobeco, Sinaloa, with generations of your very own beloved family mija. We will see you again, our little angel, when we stand in the heavens above with you.

You are always in the hearts and of the large family you left behind. We know that you will keep us safely in yours. Until we meet again sweet angel... Dios la bendiga little one!

Your loving Tio,
Ramon Rochin

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